SharePoint web services (changes between 07 and 10)

Below I have provided a quick reference guide to the web services changes that
occured in SharePoint 2010. The table shows which services were newly added or
modified, and in what technology they were created / modified (svc or asmx). In
addition a short summary is provided (from Microsoft) and then the URL path for
accessing that service.

Here is a link to the list of 07 web services for reference:

Here is the full list of 10 web services for reference:

It is worth noting that neither list mentions the spell check service (which is
available in 07 and 10). The URL for this service is: http://Site/_vti_bin/SpellCheck.asmx

_vti_bin is a virtual directory mapped to the ISAPI folder on the SharePoint server. To
access this folder on your SharePoint dev box to view these service files for
yourself, navigate to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web
Server Extensions\14\isapi


WebSvcBdcAdminService (NEW)

methods that can be used to import and export Business Data Connectivity
Services (BDC) models.

Does not exist

WCF: http://Site/_vti_bin/BdcAdminService.svc




Provides methods for
working with lists and list data.


WCF: REST service http://Site/_vti_bin/ListData.svc




Provides methods for managing a deployment of SharePoint
Foundation, such as for creating or deleting sites.

ASMX: http://<servername>/projectservername/_vti_bin/PSI/Admin

WCF: http://ServerName:32843/[Project
Service Application GUID]



WebSvcCellStorage (NEW)

Enables client computers
to synchronize changes made to shared files that are stored on a server.

ASMX: Does not exist

WCF: http://Site/_vti_bin/CellStorage.svc




Enables client computers
to submit diagnostic reports that describe application errors that occur on the

ASMX: http://Site/_vti_bin/Diagnostics.asmx

WCF: Does not exist




Provides a method that
determines whether a document is being coauthored.

ASMX: http://Site/_vti_bin/SharedAccess.asmx

WCF: Does not exist




Provides methods that
return metadata or list data from sites or lists in SharePoint Foundation.

ASMX: http://Site/_vti_bin/SiteData.asmx

WCF: Does not exist




Provides an interface
for remote clients to read, create, and manipulate social data.

ASMX: http://Site/_vti_bin/SocialDataService.asmx

WCF: Does not exist




Allows you to interact
with the managed metadata store

ASMX: http://Site/_vti_bin/TaxonomyClientService.asmx

WCF: Does not exist




Allows you to
manipulate, create, start & stop SharePoint workflows

ASMX: http://Site/_vti_bin/workflow.asmx

WCF: Does not exist


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